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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 14, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> it was so hot today, we broke records and tonight, the heat wave is not over yet. >> paul is in the weather center tracking some triple digit temperatures. >> here comes tomorrow. we are talking about temperatures hitting 100 degrees. you are pretty much done with the heat, you don't want it high, mother nature has other plans. more records coming up tomorrow. we are going to shatter records in san francisco, oakland, san jose, an livermore. we will break the record in
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oakland by 6 degrees. in san jose, we will break a 100-year-old record. most of the area will be under a heat advisories. inland highs hitting the 100s. if you are one of the folks who does not like the heat, you will be very happy with my seven-day forecast. hang on for that. we are hanging on. it doesn't take much to start a fire. this fire started when a car knocked down a power pole this afternoon in concord. 15 acres burned like that. the pass will be closed for the next few hours. and in san diego county tonight, crews are getting a handle on a 700-acre wild wire near rancho santa fe. they had to order 120,000 homes evacuated. the orders have now been lifted. breaking news from i-80 and richmond. a driver hit the center divide
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an hour-and-a-half ago. that set off a chain reaction. in the end, six cars inned up crashing into each other. the entire freeway was closed so a life flight helicopter could land. all lanes are open except for one westbound lane that is closed. traffic is backed up for miles. also tonight, we are hearing from basketball legend magic johnson after donald sterling said this. >> what has he done? can you tell me? big magic johnson. what has he done? >> christin, what was magic have to say about this? >> reporter: well he told cnn's anderson cooper that this was a personal attack. >> reporter: tonight, it was magic johnson's turn to speak south on the donald sterling scandal one day after he attacked magic over his hiv status and said he should be
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ashamed of himself. magic said the high road. >> it was sad. it was really sad. i'm going to pray for this young man. i hope donald can see the mistake he has made and also the people he has hurt along the way. >> reporter: magic calmly contradicted donald's claim that he has done nothing for the community. he has raised $20 million in charity and handed out millions more in scholarships. >> i just wish he knew the facts when he was talking, but he is a man who is upset and he is reaching. he is reaching. trying to find something he can grab onto to help him save his team. it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. >> magic said he forgives sterling, but he doesn't believe the nba players or fans will stand for sterling or any of his family members retaining ownership of the clippers. in the news room, christin
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ayers, kpix5. police are looking for this man. roger lopez. a woman said he groped her, ran across the street and grabbed her as she was walking down dwight way. lopez is a registered sex offender. now to betty yu in a story with fremont about a third grader who was removed from school for sexually harassing a classmate. >> reporter: a third grade boy who will no longer go to hersch elementary school. the parent of the girl alerted the others to what happened in the school. she believes this is what it took for the district to take action. the flier warns that your child could be at risk. a seven-year-old boy accused of sexually harassing an eight- year-old classmate at hirsch elementary school. >> he went behind her and made
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motions like he was having intercourse with her. >> reporter: this happened twice. the first time the school suspended the boy one day. the second time, she said the principal gave her two options. the boy would be transferred to a new classroom or her daughter could switch schools. >> she asked why my daughter didn't punch her in the face. i said my daughter would not be coming back as long as the boy is here. >> reporter: the district stepped in this morning. >> the allegations for taken very seriously. and after meeting with the parents, a decision was made that the boy will not be returning to that school. >> reporter: kimberly says she is grateful for the decision, but she has filed a formal complaint against the principal. she is not thrilled about bringing her girl back. >> i don't know if she is ashamed or embarrassed. i just know she really doesn't
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want to. >> reporter: in fremont, betty yu, kpix5. oakland police have lots of questions for a seven-year-old girl who turned up at a stranger's house. her mom tells us she dozed off yesterday when she woke up. her daughter was gone. turns out t girl wandered into a church on international boulevard last night. a woman from the church took the girl home for the night and then called police this morning. police say they are not about to reunite the mother and daughter any time soon. >> this is my first time hearing this. i don't know why they won't bring me my daughter. this is kind of weird now. the police won't call me or tell me they found my child. >> reporter: police have not said why they are holding off on letting the girl go home. stock markets in asia are up at this hour after the dow
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jones gained almost 20 points. another record high. look what it has done since 2009. it has more than doubled in value. people with money in stocks are doing well, but tonight, there is more information about what the middle class in the bay area can and can't afford. joe, once again, we are talking about housing. >> reporter: liz, i'm in san bruno. take a look at this house behind me. it is two bedrooms, one bath, 800 square feet, listing price $499,000. half a million. like most homes on the market in the bay area, it is out of reach for middle class families. >> this is a very working class neighborhood. everyone here works really hard to live here. >> reporter: north shore view in san mateo. this three bedroom two bath home is for sale at $775,000. >> this is extremely outrageous. you have to be rich and they are saying this is a lower income neighborhood. i don't think so.
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>> reporter: released its middle class report. in the san francisco metro area. in san francisco and san mateo counties, a middle class household makes 84,000 a year. the report says a middle class family can just barely afford a $440,000 home. of all the homes on the market in the san francisco metro area, only 14% are within that range. nearly completely pricing tout middle class. now, instead of metro area, look at the individual counties. only 9% of homes in san francisco are affordable to the middle class compared to 47% in contra costa. joe vasquez, kpix5. well, if you think this market in san mateo is crazy, get this. in san francisco, this house just sold for 70% over the asking price. the home at pacific heights was only on the market for a week before someone snatched it up
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for $3.4 million. tonight, rescuers are racing to trap 200 people trapped inside a coal mine. families waited for news in turkey. more than 2 one workers were killed. more than 800 people were underground at the time of the explosion. the mine blew when power machinery caught fire. this is video from inside the mine. you can see how many of the men helped each other out. parents watched in horror as a bounce house blew away with their children outside. two of them are in the hospital. >> the first little boy came out, landed in the middle of the road right there and the other little boy, he came down, hit his head off the back of my car and landed on the ground. >> a girl who was also in the bounce house when it went up escaped with only minor scratches and bruises.
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the two boys were not as lucky. they fell about 15 feet. >> by the time the ambulance got here and they rolled him over and put hill on the stretcher, his face an whole front of his body was covered in blood. >> reporter: after the boys were thrown from the house, it continued to travel hundreds of feet. the owners of the house had put it up correctly and staked it securely in the ground. >> the parents were out there too. anything that could have been done wrong wasn't. everything was done properly. >> both boys are hospitalized with serious injuries. well, a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death. so what's going to happen when this big bay area hospital closes? we spent a night in the er. find out. >> we discovered the new kinds of ads you are about to see inside a lot of new cars. >> the bad news for beer lovers. we found out the cost of a cold we found out the cost of a cold one is about ,,,,,,
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private businesses and non profits for money to keep doctors medical center i >> contra costa county supervisors say they will ask private businesses and nonprofits for money toecap doctor's medical center in san pablo from closing down. tonight, it doesn't look good. so how important is this one hospital? we spent last night in the er to find out. >> if you are a police officer, you go where the work is. i go where the work is. the things that make me glad to do what i do.
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>> reporter: for a quarter million people, this emergency room is the last best hope when something goes wrong. >> when my mother got sick, we had to rush her over here to the doctor's hospital. not the ideal place to come hang out, but in you need to be here, it would be here. >> without a doubt. without a doubt, this is the workhorse, we are the engine that drives healthcare in this community. >> reporter: 40,000 patient assayer. about 110 everyday including 62% of the region's ambulance calls. and on any given night? >> 20 to 30 sick children. two or three patients with a heart attack. two or three patients with a stroke. >> gunshot wounds, one every week. we had a refinery fire where we saw 12,000 people in four or five days? >> we're a little shaky here. >> the drunk, the homeless. >> reporter: just as soon as one bed is cleared, another
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patient rolls in. >> every 20 minutes, an ambulance arrives at our door and we take anyone regardless of their ability to pay. >> reporter: and that is exactly why this hospital is facing a $20 million budget shortfall. >> people who need this healthcare who necessarily can't afford it, either we are at this country are saying we are going to pay for it or we are not. we would not debate this. >> reporter: the next patient through the doors, an elderly woman with late stage cancer. >> in the er in your community, not in the next county. >> reporter: after hours of treatment and a discussion, they knew their mother's battle with cancer would end here, tonight. >> how could you not have an emergency room here? it would create such a vacuum. i'm grateful they were still here tonight. >> the county says it doesn't have the money to take over the
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hospital, so doctors medical center is expected to close in july. driverless cars are on the road right now in mountain view. google the testing out a fleet of suvs on city streets. the cars have a technology to spot people and whatever else might be on the road. some people say the driverless cars are actually safer. that's because they don't get into blind spots and will make room for bikes. seems everywhere you look, there is an ad, on your tv, your smartphone, radio, favorite websites. what is next? well julie watts says buckle up. the answer may surprise you. >> if we are going shopping together,ly have coupons. >> reporter: amy briton loves shopping with coupons. turns out phones are just the beginning. get ready for deals while you drive. >> press the thumbs up button to get an e-mailed coupon.
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>> the car is the next frontier. >> thanks to texnology like these, location is just the beginning. ads are also targets based on vehicle types, the music you like, and other things you do in your dash. >> if you like the ad, you click the thumbs up and you get a reminder e-mail sent with a coupon on your phone wow can take into the store. >> reporter: and buckle up for more. car dealers like ford are also rolling them out. but ron montoya says deal or no deal, they are distractions. >> if you receive an ad, you have to process the information. think about it. press the button to confirm it. >> reporter: but they say they are no more distraction than using the radio. >> we are very focus on driver
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distraction. we make very clear what data will be collected and don't resell the data. >> reporter: while some companies allow you to opt out, amy says she is opting in in the name of savings. julie watts, kpix5. pandora recently announced they are sending ads to cars as well. this happened in baltimore today. a man claiming to be god smashed a stolen dump truck into the station's lobby. then he got out waving a golf club yelling let me in. then he disappeared. swat teams found him five hours later. they said he was clearly suffering mental health issues. nobody at the station was hurt. tonight, a main ingredient in making beer has reached record prices and you know what that means. get ready to pay more. so what's going on? andria borba shows us. >> reporter: on a sun drenched
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scorching day, few things sound better than a cold beer, but tonight, a bitter reality. hops, a ingredient is going up in price. craft brewing like the new four- point brewing company. >> you can put a lot of hops into a beer to let a lot of aroma. that could get really expensive. >> reporter: most hop ins the world go to the big beer boys in the world. >> you can't buy it for three or four years. >> reporter: combine that with a worldwide shortage and increased demand and the beer blues could be on their way. >> reporter: these are hops. this is what the fuss is all about. >> it will go up maybe $100 a batch. that translates into more expensive keg. then your kegs get more
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expensive. it is harder to compete. >> reporter: especially for small operations. so enjoy that craft brew while you can because the hop wars may be upon us. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. >> the number of craft brewers is up 15% last year and we should mention there are a lot more people making beer at home so hops are in big demand. probably means there are a lot more people drinking beer out there like warm days like this. >> your beverage of choice keeping you cool in evening? a hot day. we will be a little more toasty tomorrow. one more day and then we will school off. friday. here is a look outside. we are clear and mild. it is still in the 60s in the city. we will be in the 60s all night long. sunnyvale, 68. it is still 76 in pittsburgh. not your high. you hit 98 today. fremont, 71. lafayette elementary school in
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san francisco, 66 degrees. a mild night. know what makes your mild night not as mild? ice cream. the kids are having a great time. ice cream stores doing great business with weather like this. and after a mild night overnight tonight with lows in the 50s and the 60s , mountain view on 64. the stage is set for a very hot day tomorrow and for the first time since last september, we will hit 100 degrees. antioch, triple digits tomorrow though we begin cooling thursday. still pretty mild with a high of 96 degrees so what is going on? there is a big ridge of high pressure to the north. winds go clock wise around high pressure. so when it parks itself to our north, not only are we keeping the rain away, we get an east wind. that ocean is 58 degrees. if we had a flow comeing from the ocean, we would be talking about 07s , not 100s , but with this eliminating the ocean influence. we will see temperatures 20 to
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30 degrees above normal tomorrow. friday, the ridge gets kicked down to the south by approaching low pressure. we will not see a drop of rainfall, but we will get much cool weather in the entire bay area as soon as friday. clear and warm tonight. hotter tomorrow with the heat advisory in effect with much cooler weather coming up friday and into the weekend. 23 degrees above average in concord. it will be pretty close in sunnyvale. 97. walnut creek, 100. even hotter in san francisco tomorrow. 92 tieing us for the hottest day of the year. berkeley 94, petaluma 92 and cloverdale, 98 degrees. bottom line, it will be hot tomorrow. thursday, five degrees cooler. friday, we are 10 degrees cooler and taking away 10 more by the weekend. we will keep the sunshine away from the water but if you are wondering when the heat is going to end after tomorrow, we
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just been solved tonight.
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an underwater explorer beli >> well, a 500 year old mystery may have just been solved tonight. >> an underwater explorer believes he has found christopher columbus' long lost ship near haiti. it may look like a pile of rocks but the explorer says this is actually the wreckage of the santa maria lost in the storm in 1492. >> what happened in 1492? >> columbus sailed the ocean blue. >> it matches the cannon columbus had on his ship right there. >> and that ship wreck found in only 10 feet of water. >> unbelievable. there the whole time. >> i thought it was the edmond fitzgerald. could the as join the giants with baseball's most wins? >> that's a bunch of crap. >> and what the clippers coach
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>> well, the bay area is home to the best baseball in the majors. if the as won tonight, they would tie the giants for most wins in the big leagues and the as aren't the only ones in rhythm right now. oakland star drew homeranz struck out. guess who leads the league now in the category? your oakland athletics. josh reddick. they are just warming up. brandon moss drove in five. it was 11-0. that is 203 runs on the see now. leads the american league. as win their sixth straight. they got a bad moon rising at at&t where the giants hosted the braves. here's the key play of the game. freddie freiman has a base hit. posey missed the tag on jason
2:08 am
hayward. they beat the giants 5-0. much was made of michael sam's celebration after hearing his name in the nfl draft. becoming the nfl's first openly gay player. he met the media in saint louis and he wants the world to know something. the next celebration will be on the field following a sack. >> i'm determined to be great and make this team. i have ever confidence in myself that i will make this team so when i do make it and when i put my pads on and if someone wants to say something, you will see number 96 running down the field and making good plays for this team. >> controversy in oklahoma city. game five, win over the clippers. the referees ruled the ball on this play when out of bounds off the clippers though it clearly went like it went off of reggie action from okc. oklahoma came back and won 105-
2:09 am
104. clippers coach doc rivers is pounding man. >> let's take away the replay system. because that's our ball. we win the game. and we got robbed because of that call. and it is clear, everyone in the arena saw it. that is why everybody was shocked when they said oklahoma city. that's a bunch of crap and y'all know it. we did our own stuff. we could have never lost the game. that could be a series defining call. and that's not right. >> it is also not right to blow a 13-point lead in the closing moments in the game which is what the clippers did so you can't hang it all on the officials tonight. >> watching the replay. posey missing the tag. maybe he got him depending on the angle? it is just creating more problems than it is solving? >> that's the new role at home plate. buster posey, it is called the buster posey rule right? because he got a career in
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our next newscast is tomorr >> david letterman is next with jim parsons. >> hey, stay cool tomorrow. it's going to be ,,,,,,


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